The Native Collection framed HARE (limited edition)

The Native Collection framed HARE (limited edition)

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Description: The Hare (An Giorria Eireannach)
Inspired by our natural landscape, the Native Collection limited edition framed HARE is illustrated by our sister Deirdre. The original artwork is laser engraved onto home-grown, hardwood flaming beech, which boasts a beautifully unique natural grain. No two pieces are the same.

The Irish mountain hare is one of Ireland’s longest established indigenous species of mammal. It is distinguished from the brown hare by having a stockier build, shorter ears and a white tail. The most well known reference to the Irish Hare was it’s presence on the Irish Half Penny.

Specific to Irish mythology, the hare is said to be a beautiful woman who can freely shape-shift into a hare. The cry of the banshee is also associated with the hare, as the hare’s cry is almost human like. In ancient Ireland the left hind paw of a cross eyed hare, which was shot with a silver bullet under a full moon, was used as a charm to ward off evil spirits.

Dimensions: Large 38 (h) x 31 (w) x 5 (d) cm. Small 31 (h) x 27 (w) x 5 (d) cm.

Presentation: This item comes in an eco friendly, recyclable gift box.

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